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9/20 Honey has been pulled and spun out of the comb. Fresh raw honey is available for purchase.
7/16 Egg production has really picked up with our new pullets. Eggs are available with each carton having an assortment of colors including white, cream, green, blue, blrown, and dark brown eggs.
3/10 Three ewes gave birth to begin lambing for the year.
2/2 Our new order of chicks arrived to be our laying flock. Hopefully they will be making eggs by July.



12/28 The Booroola ewes are now in our flock. We look forward to seeing how they reproduce next year.
10/11-12 At FowlFest this year, we got Best in Breed with our barred rock hen. As well as Reserve Breed, and three Best in Varieties with our three types of Plymouth Rocks.
10/11 We lost Legacy to a sudden illness. We will always miss our sweet gelding.


3/29 Our first batch of chicks are hatching. Things have been pushed back a bit this year since the baby was born.
3/23 We swap K Bar K 8029 for a triplet ram sired by K Bar K 7132 from Twin Maple Farm.
2/1 The first lambs are born for the year.


12/9 Our beautiful first daughter is born! Welcome Mary Celeste!
2/11 The first chicks of the year hatch. Hopefully there's some good show birds in there.



The Rhode Island Whites and Red Dorkings were entered in the APA Fowl Fest show in Birch Run, MI.

1/16 Our first lambs are born.