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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We strive to breed top quality ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats.



Current Does

To learn more about each of our does, please click on their picture.

cuatlilredbarn chocolate krave
Kyeema Ridge Black Velvet
kyeema ridge black velvet
Kyeema Ridge Nickel Dreams
kyeema ridge nickel dreams
Kyeema Ridge Elegant-Leigh
kyeema ridge elegant-leigh
Sinai Thunder ST PAT Sapphire 3*M
Sinai Thunder ST PAT Sapphire
Duagwyn MD River Song
duagwyn md river song
Kyeema Ridge Wildfire
kyeema ridge wildfire
Honey Locust Sunkist 1*M
honey locust sunkist
Woodland Trails Maverick
Woodland Trails Maverick
Crosby Farm Aurelia Jean
crosby farm aurelia jean
Habe Farms Lena Maggie
Habe Farms Lena Maggie
Crosby Farm Elsie
crosby farms elsie
Susurrare Salix Virtue
Susurrare Salix Virtue
Susurrare Salix Smokey Liz
Susurrare Salix Smokey Liz
The Aprilwoods Goldilocks
The Aprilwoods Goldilocks
Habe Farms Paige Nicole
habe farms paige nicole


Junior Does

FeatherNScale Alderaan's Hope
feathernscale alderaan's hope
FeatherNScale Doom and Gloom
FeatherNScale Doom and GLoom
Old School Creamery Jane Doe
old school creamery plain jane
Crosby Farm Catarina Gypsy
crosby farm catalina gypsy
Zanzabeez FT Zinfandel
zanzabeez FT zinfandel
Little Tots Estate Clara
little tots estate clara